The Alp

The first novel in Arno Camenisch's celebrated "alpine" trilogy is set during a single summer. The four main (unnamed) characters are a dairyman, his farmhand, a cowherd, and a swineherd who all live and work in close proximity--but this is no Heidi. Theirs is an existence marked by dangerous work, solitude, cruelty, alcoholism, and sheer stubbornness, but the author's handling of these situations and lives is characterized at all times by affection, surreal humor, and a brilliant ear for the sounds of the setting.

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Artikelnummer 9781628970104
Preis 16,90 CHF
Autor Camenisch, Arno / McLaughlin, Donal
Sprache eng
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Verlag Dalkey Archive Press
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
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