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In the River Sweet

In the River Sweet

National Book Award finalist Patricia Henley captivates us with this engrossing novel of a woman whose long-held secret will transform her life and her marriage.From all appearances, Ruth Anne Bond is enviably lucky. Her husband, Johnny, still treats her like a young lover. Her grown daughter is a staunch friend. Her steady work and devotion to the church have quietly ...

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English for Speakers of Khmer

English for Speakers of ...

This text is intended to provide a set of comprehensive set of materials to people involved in teaching English to speakers of Khmer, serve as a self-teaching textbook for Khmer speakers attempting to learn English on their own, and to provide a reference grammar for students of English as a second language through the book's model sentences, pronunciation drills, grammar ...

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Still Waters in Niger

Still Waters in Niger

An autobiographical novel chronicling a woman's ties to her daughter and an unfamiliar cultureThe narrator of this book is an Irish -- American woman who returns to the West African country of Niger where she had lived seventeen years earlier as the wife of an academic and the mother of three young daughters. Now she is visiting her eldest daughter, ...

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Cambodian System of Writing and Beginning Reader

Cambodian System of Writing ...

This volume consists of four parts: (1) The Cambodian Writing System, a formal description of the relationship between the writing system and the phonology of the language, (2) Programmed Reading Exercises, a series of highly structured reading drills to train the student to read all regular Cambodian word shapes, (3) Beginning Cambodian Reader, fifty reading selections, graded in length and ...

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I Believe, Despite Everything: Reflections of an Ecumenist

I Believe, Despite Everything: ...

Internationally renowned theologian Jean-Marie Tillard, O.P., considers the great subjects of theology and focuses on the God whom theology does not tire to invoke or cease to trust--especially in the worst times--a God to believe in, despite everything.

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In the Pirates Den

In the Pirates Den

In this riveting book, Masetti takes the reader inside the war room of the Cuban revolution. His life involved international revolutionary intrigue: smuggling diamonds and ivory, counterfeiting U.S. dollars, and trafficking in narcotics. He served in Angola and other war zones in the 1980s. He was an adviser with groups such as the M-19 guerrillas in Columbia and the Sandinistas.

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