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Childhood and Children

Childhood and Children

This engagingly written compendium is packed with humorous, dramatic, surprising, and inspiring facts about the past, present, and future of children and childhood. This extensively indexed reference work covers childhood from ancient times to the present day, including child development, family life, child rearing in different cultures, and children in mythology, folklore, and religion. Contemporary issues such as child abuse, ...

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Modern Poetics and Hemispheric American Cultural Studies

Modern Poetics and Hemispheric ...

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the integration of cultures within nations has become more and more relevant. Read takes a poetic approach to the concept of cultural conflict within nations and adds a new perspective that has rarely been seen in debate.

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Ottoman House

Ottoman House

This study consists of a set of three legs of interpretations. The first of which summarises the two main approaches, that aims at explaining the Ottoman house, and the study's stance and attitude towards these approaches. In addition to this, it is also been stated that the house of the Ottoman-Anatolia City in the 17th century has been interpreted in ...

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The Isolated State in Relation to Agriculture and Political Economy

The Isolated State in ...

This volume is the first ever English translation of Part III of von Thünen`s famous 'Isolated State'. It deals with the optimum rotation period of woods - a central problem of capital theory which has been studied by many famous economists. Thünen's early approach to the problem compares very well with most of the later attempts.

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Equal Protection

Equal Protection

The 14th Amendment, added in 1868, guaranteed equal protection. At that moment our nation began an odyssey into uncharted legal and philosophical waters which continues to confront the Supreme Court. The issue of equal protection has sparked some of the Court's most important, memorable, volatile, and fascinating cases. In this volume, students examine how the Court has responded to the ...

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Chemical Vapour Deposition of Main Group Metal Oxides and Phosphides

Chemical Vapour Deposition of ...

Chemical vapour deposition is an important technological process employed in a variety of industries to produce thin films of functional materials. It is a particularly important process in the semi-conductor and micro-electronics industries. It is an increasingly important technique in the glazing industry and in new materials discovery. This book provides information on the chemical vapour deposition setup and process, ...

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Exploring the Northeast States Through Literature

Exploring the Northeast States ...

Exploring the United States through Literature describes the best of current print and nonprint materials teachers can use with their students to study individual states. Each volume covers a different geographic area and presents selected materials that represent the uniquely rich and varied history, diversity, geography, industries, resources, famous people, and contemporary culture of each state in that region. Much ...

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Bookish Histories

Bookish Histories

This ground-breaking collection of essays presents a new 'bookish' literary history, which situates questions about books at the intersection of a range of debates about the role of authors and readers, the organization of knowledge, the vogue for collecting, and the impact of overlapping technologies of writing and shifting generic boundaries.

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Reference Sources in Science, Engineering, Medicine, and Agriculture

Reference Sources in Science, ...

Designed to help in locating and evaluating print and non-print "sci-tech" information sources, this book contains articles covering such topics as channels of communication, publishing of information and cost of literature. An extensive, annotated bibliography of sources completes the text.

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Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research

Mapping Landscapes for Performance ...

Although the sciences have long understood the value of practice-based research, the arts and humanities have tended to structure a gap between practice and analysis. This book examines differences and similarities between Performance as Research practices in various community and national contexts, mapping out the landscape of this new field.

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Symphony of Silences

Symphony of Silences

Symphony of Silences invites the reader to become anactive interlocutor in the unfolding of a complex andmultilayered philosophical journey. On an analyticallevel, the book ventures to give a thorough critiqueof contemporary ecological ethics. It develops thehypothesis that others - a word whose carefulspecification occupies the treatise as a whole - areoften being marginalized and silenced in ecologicalethics. Parallel to this ...

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Gendering Religion and Politics

Gendering Religion and Politics

The aim of this book is to suggest an interdisciplinary perspective on the complex relations of gender, religion and politics in light of paradigmatic shifts in theories of modernity and the growing body of studies on gender and religion.

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Inference of regulatory interactions in genetic systems

Inference of regulatory interactions ...

The main focus of this thesis is the development oftechniques to aid in the process of inferring howgenes interact with each other in a living organism.Knowledge of these interactions have implications ingaining an understanding of how cellular processeswork, how organisms survive and evolve underdifferent environmental conditions. The techniques are based on an S-system type differential equationmodel for the process of ...

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Beyond Pedagogies of Exclusion in Diverse Childhood Contexts

Beyond Pedagogies of Exclusion ...

Contributing authors share a deep commitment to naming ways in which social exclusion has diminished the educational and life chances of many students in our various sites of work and regions of the world - and to moving the discourse and action beyond pedagogies of exclusion to a more visionary and inclusive praxis.

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The Cities of Refuge, Or, the Name of Jesus (Dodo Press)

The Cities of Refuge, ...

Reverend John Ross Macduff (1818-1895) was the author of: The Night Watches (c1851), Morning Watches (1852), The Little Child's Book of Divinity (1853), The Words of Jesus (1854), The Footsteps of St. Paul (1855), The Mind of Jesus Christ (1855), Family Prayers (1856), Evening Incense (1856), Memories of Bethany (1856), Story of Bethlehem (1859), The Faithful Promiser (1860), The Ploughman's ...

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History of the English People, Volume VII: The Revolution, 1683-1760, Modern England, 1760-1767 (Dodo Press)

History of the English ...

Reverend John Richard Green (1837-1883) was an English historian. Born the son of a tradesman in Oxford, where he was educated, first at Magdalen College School, and then at Jesus College, he entered the church. In 1869 he finally gave up his work as a clergyman, and was appointed librarian at Lambeth. He had been laying plans for various historical ...

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The New Political Sociology

The New Political Sociology

The 21st century has witnessed a fundamental transformation of political institutions and society, alongside cultural, global and complexity turns in social theory. This provocative text gives an overview of key issues, argues for an 'existential turn' in political sociology and brings the study of politics and society up to date.

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Learning and Teaching in Human Anatomy

Learning and Teaching in ...

Modern medical school human anatomy teaching frequently leads to students adopting surface learning approaches, such a memorizing lists of structures through mnemonics. This can be avoided by situating anatomy within the domains of evolution, embryology or clinical medicine, which provide understanding and application in ways that encourage deep learning approaches. Examinations in anatomy can also be structured to reward higher ...

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A Chanukah Present For: Me!

A Chanukah Present For: ...

A Chanukah Present for Me!" is presented in a playful holiday format that mimics a wrapped gift box. With glitter flocking and an embossed "bow, " this simple story highlights the most popular Chanukah icons and traditions. Full color.

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The Double Garden (Dodo Press)

The Double Garden (Dodo ...

Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard, Count Maeterlinck (1862-1949) was a Belgian poet, playwright, and essayist writing in French. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1911. The main themes in his work are death and the meaning of life. He had written poems and short novels during his studies. In 1889, he became famous overnight after his first play, ...

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